Question: Does Bravely Default Have A Good Story?

Is Bravely Default worth playing?

Bravely Default is well worth it, hands down.

I spent about 100 hours with it – I did all the optional stuff, unlocked every job, and leveled them all to max.

It’s grindy, but the game has ways to make it feel less horrible.

Bravely Default is my favourite game!.

Should I play Bravely Default First?

Absolutely not. Sure, if you have played Bravely Default, there are plenty of homages to the original game, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy. You’ll get a roundup of the events of Bravely Default when you start the game, so you’re clued up on what’s been happening in Luxendarc before you set off on your journey.

Is bravely second better than default?

Second has much better pacing and level design than Default, but the music and writing take a big hit, and the combat is pretty much the same.

How many chapters is Bravely Default?

8 chaptersthere are 8 chapters, 1-4 are about 80% of the game though. How many chapters are there in Bravely Default?

How do you get spell fencer Bravely Default?

You unlock Spell Fencer in Chapter 1 by defeating Khint. After releasing the wind crystal, go to Ancheim at night. Go to the marked location to enter the Grand Mill Works. You fight Khint and Khamer at the end.

How do you get the Ninja Bravely Default?

The Ninja is a job in Bravely Default. It is obtained by defeating Konoe Kikyo in Hartschild. Liberally taken from the classic Ninja job in Final Fantasy lore, the Ninja in Bravely Default uses its dual-wielding enhancements to make it an offensive-focused class.

Is swordmaster good Bravely Default?

Swordmaster is a very good class. It has auto-counter and A rank in armor. The only edge Pirate has over Swordmaster is that Pirate can use axes, which have higher attack than katanas.

How do you get the true ending in Bravely Default?

Completing Chapters 5 through 8 and reawakening each crystal repeatedly brings you to the true ending of Bravely Default.

How long does it take to beat Bravely Default?

30 hoursSince the battles are turn-based and thus not based on quick reaction time, this is nothing but beneficial. Apparently it speeds the game up so much that Square Enix has said that although it cut no content from this version of Bravely Default, it now takes 30 hours to complete rather than 50.

How many endings are there in Bravely Default?

There are two versions of the final chapter, both of which conclude with the ending credits and saving a cleared game file.

What happened to Tiz at the end of Bravely Default?

Tiz lent a souls from the celestial realm (the player, so your soul) but since he finished what he had to do his soul vanished and he went to a near death coma. there’s a small clip after beating the game where you can see a teaser of bravely second with Tiz in a near death coma.