Question: How Can I Crack Competitive Exam Without Coaching?

How can I study without coaching?

Strategies and Tips to Crack IIT JEE without CoachingStart with the NCERT.

Have a Curious Mind.

Solve with the Multiple Solution Technique.

Revise Wisely.

Manage your Time Efficiently.

Solve Multiple Mock Tests.

Choose the Right Reference Books.

Physics.More items…•.

How can I crack all competitive exams?

To crack any competitive exams, you first need to understand the pre-requisites for the examination….Follow these 4 tips to crack competitive examinationsStep 1: Follow a time-table. … Step 2: Focus on preparation. … Step 3: Evaluate yourself. … Step 4: Stay positive and confident.

Why do I always fail in competitive exams?

The mistakes could be your poor time management, lack of prioritisation, wrong selection of concepts/questions, attempting the paper in nervousness, etc. So, identify your mistakes and change your approach towards your exams.

How can I study effectively for entrance exam?

Students, in order to effectively practice to clear the entrance exams at different levels, must follow some basic but important guidelines: Develop a habit of reading: The first hack to crack entrance exam is to develop a reading habit- be it a newspaper, novel, books, biographies, and case studies.