Question: How Much Does It Cost To Reserve On BC Ferries?

Is it cheaper to book ferry in advance?

Tips For Cheaper Ferry Tickets Book in advance – Generally, the lowest fares are available when you book in advance.

So book as early as possible before your travel date..

Are BC ferry reservations refundable?

Customers who cancel their booking within 7 days of the sailing, will receive a full refund less the non-refundable cancellation fee ($25 for bookings departing Tsawwassen and $15 for bookings departing the Southern Gulf Islands).

How old is a senior in BC?

65All public transportation system in British Columbia offer a discount to seniors 65+. Translink offers Concession Fare to seniors 65+ with valid ID.

How much does the ferry cost from Vancouver to Nanaimo?

For adult foot passengers, the price for the sailing between Nanaimo and Vancouver is $17.20 plus taxes and surcharge. Cars (not including driver & passengers) : $57.50. Payment: You can buy tickets either online thru BC ferries website or you can buy them at the ferry terminals.

Is BC Ferries free for seniors?

The seniors’ discount on passenger fares on B.C. Ferries has been restored to 100 per cent, from 50 per cent. B.C. residents over 65 can ride for free Monday to Thursday, although the vehicle fare still applies. Holiday Mondays are excluded.

Can you pay cash at BC Ferries?

continue accepting cash. story as best we can. Update: BC Ferries did respond with clarification on their policies regarding cash payment and symptomatic passengers: … “With regards to cash payments, we are strongly encouraging customers to pay with cards (debit/credit/Experience Cards) unless they have no other options.

How do I save money on BC Ferries?

Other ways to save include buying a Sailpass, which allow you to travel on most routes for a defined number of days without paying for additional fares. At $189 for four days or $229 for seven days, this is a great deal for families who want to explore all the great locations accessible by BC Ferries.

How early should I be at the ferry?

The first sailing of the day filled up at 6 a.m., a full hour before departure. BC Ferries spokesperson Astrid Braunschmidt told CTV News that foot passengers are advised to arrive 45 to 60 minutes early for their sailing. Drivers with vehicle reservations should arrive between 30 and 60 minutes early.

Which BC ferry has buffet?

The BC Ferries Pacific Buffet has been a staple of the Victoria Vancouver crossing for decades.

What percentage of BC Ferries is reserved?

45 and 75 percentTypically, we reserve between 45 and 75 percent of the vessel on the route between Horseshoe Bay and Departure Bay. Any remaining deck space is granted on a first-come first-serve basis at the terminal at the time of travel.

Should I book BC Ferries in advance?

Keeping you safe and moving Passengers are required to wear masks at all times at terminals and on board ferries. Be prepared to answer Transport Canada COVID-19 screening questions. Booking in advance is strongly recommended to guarantee the sailing of your choice.

How far in advance can you reserve BC Ferries?

approximately 2 monthsYou can reserve approximately 2 months in advance. Note however, that although most BC ferries take reservations some of the smaller routes with smaller vessels don’t.

Do you have to reserve BC Ferries?

Vehicle reservations cost between $10 and $21, depending how far in advance the reservation is made, in addition to the cost of a ticket. Reservations close two-and-a-half hours before a vessel departs and are only redeemable between 60 and 30 minutes before the sailing time.

What age is senior on BC Ferries?

65 or olderBC Ferries has increased the seniors’ passenger discount from 50 per cent to 100 per cent for travel Monday through Thursday on major and inter-island routes. The discount is available for anyone age 65 or older and doesn’t apply on holiday Mondays.

What happens if you miss your ferry reservation?

Depending on how busy it is, you might make the next ferry, but if it’s super busy, you might have a longer wait. if you arrive 29 minutes before departure you lose your reservation and you get in the line for the ferry. Depending on how busy it may be, you could still get on that ferry you made a reservation for.

Does BC Ferries take debit cards?

Travellers taking BC Ferries will soon be able to use their debit cards at the company’s ticket booths. The change will apply to both vehicles and foot passengers, who will now also be able to use credit and debit tap-and-pay as well.

Are BC Ferries Cancelled?

“The safety of our passengers and crew is of primary importance to us,” said BC Ferries. “We don’t take the decision to cancel sailings lightly, as we know customers rely on us to get to their destinations. We will resume service as soon as it is safe to do so.”