Question: What Is A Cochino?

What is another word for brutal?

What is another word for brutal?harshcruelmercilesssadisticatrociousbarbaricbloodthirstyruthlessremorselesspitiless232 more rows.

What is a Cochina?

The word your looking for is “cochina” meaning ,filty, dirty, disgusting etc. … cochina is a very mild word used for children to indicate they have dirtied themselves.

Is Maje a bad word?

Maje. Knowing it’s meaning is a MUST while in Honduras. Only close friends can call each other maje or “mate”, otherwise it can be offensive as it also means “idiot” or even worse.

What does brutal mean in Spanish slang?

Most native spanish speakers (if not all of them) will understand in context that “brutal” means cool, but it really depends on where you are whether people will actually say that or not (I’m Argentinian and we don’t use it here).

Is Pepita a Spanish word?

Translation of pepita – Spanish–English dictionary nugget [noun] a lump, especially of gold.

What is Bente Spanish?

, Bente translation | Spanish-English dictionary adv. adj. yes, darling. sí, guatón.

What does Bom Bom mean in Spanish?

English Translation. chocolate. More meanings for bombón. chocolate noun.

What does Pepito mean in Spanish slang?

little Pepe1. Pepito means “little Pepe” Would be used for a Child or for someone who you are affectionate with, a b/f, sibling, close friend.

What does Punto mean in Spanish bad word?

“Punto” means either point or period, nothing “bad”.

What does sangano mean in Spanish?

Sangana/Sangano-word used to describe a female or male that is acting stupid or foolish. Another word similar in Spanish is “boba/bobo”. “No te hagas la sangana.” ¡Se formó un corre y corre! – A comical phrase meaning “a melee” or “running around confused.”