Quick Answer: Can You Take Food On National Express Coaches?

How many bags can I take on National Express?

You may take one medium-sized suitcase or rucksack and one small piece of soft hand luggage per person travelling, free of charge.

Your one piece of luggage must not exceed 20kg, with maximum dimensions of 70cm x 30cm x 45cm.

Items of luggage in excess of 20kg will be charged..

Does National Express WiFi work?

Wherever you’re travelling from and to, flying doesn’t always stack up terms of additional check-in times and transfer costs. Plus the likes of National Express offer free wi-fi on their East Coast mainline serivice. … Wi-fi.

Is there refreshments on National Express coaches?

Refreshments are not provided on board the National Express coaches. However you may bring drinks (with a lid, if they are hot) and cold food onto the coach. Longer services will make refreshment stops at service stations and rest areas, where you are free to make use of the facilities.

Can I use my bus pass on National Express coaches?

Where you can use your pass. You can travel for free anywhere in England, including London on local bus services. It’s not valid for journeys within Scotland or Wales. Free travel is not available on tourist buses or coach services like megabus.com and National Express.

Can I cancel a National Express ticket?

Refunds are only available on Fully Flexible fares. If your ticket is refundable (read point 6 of our Conditions of Carriage), you’ll need to cancel it no later than 72 hours before your departure time to be able to get a refund. If you’re entitled to a ticket refund, get in touch with our Contact Centre.

Are National Express coaches comfortable?

“For many people, their last journey was on a school trip, which they didn’t enjoy.” After a series of upgrades, National Express coaches are smart and comfortable, with reclining seats and air conditioning. … When things go seriously awry, National Express behaves differently from train operators and airlines.

Can you take a dog on a National Express coach?

We will not carry dogs or any other animals on our Coaches, with the exception of trained assistance dogs who have been trained by a member organisation of Assistance Dogs (UK).

Where is the best place to sit on a coach?

A front seat will mean you’re first off the coach when you stop for a rest break or when you get to your destination. Not only that, but a seat at the front offers fantastic forward-facing views and, for many, sitting at the front can save them from any feelings of travel sickness.

Can you take alcohol on National Express?

No booze allowed on National Express, but if you smuggle it on board in a Bob The Builder flask you’ll get away with it. If you’re popping cans or swigging from a bottle there’s always a busybody who’ll moan at you, or complain to the driver.

Do coaches have chargers?

You’ll find the charger point in the middle of both seats in front of you where the foot rests are. Also, some national express buses doesn’t have charging point and some have. … There are charging cable outlets to charge your phone.

Can I book National Express tickets by phone?

Fully flexible fare – amendable and refundable Journey amendments can be made to tickets prior to travel by visiting www.nationalexpress.com/myticket, visiting a National Express Travel shop or National Express Agent or by calling 03717 818181*.

How do I get a National Express Coachcard?

Discover our Disabled Coachcard To confirm and book your return journey, at no extra cost, visit www.nationalexpress.com/myticket or call us on 03717 81 81 81. Lines open 7 days a week, 9am – 5pm (calls to this number are charged at local rate).

Can I charge my phone on National Express coach?

You can even charge your device with our handy USB ports.

Can I reserve a seat on National Express?

Do I have to reserve my seat at the same time as I book my ticket? … However, as long as you have made your original journey booking via our website (desktop and mobile versions) and selected an e-ticket, you can still reserve a seat up to 24 hours before your coach is due to depart (subject to availability).

Is it cheaper to book National Express in advance?

Searching for your journey at least three days in advance means you’re more likely to see our lowest fares.

Do all National Express coaches have plug sockets?

National Express has upped its game a lot since I last travelled on one of its coaches. Leather seats, air conditioning, WiFi, USB sockets and 240v power sockets come as standard with every seat. … It won’t download once you are on the coach.

What happens if I miss my connecting coach National Express?

In particular, if you have a problem with a National Express bus or coach delay, the company promises that it will ‘do its best’ to make alternative arrangements if your coach is late and you miss a connection – the coach misses your stop entirely. This can even include providing.

Do I need ID for National Express?

National Express requires an official photo ID. This can be a valid passport, national identity card, or other national state/federal-issued ID that includes your full name, birthdate, and a photo.