Quick Answer: Does Costco Sell American Girl Dolls?

Which American Girl dolls are discontinued?

Felicity Merriman, the spunky Colonial spitfire from 1774, made her debut a few years later in 1991.

Sadly, though, these four dolls have since been “archived,” with Samantha going first in 2009, followed by Kirsten in 2010, Felicity in 2011, and Molly in 2013..

What American Girl dolls are at Costco?

That’s right- Gabriela, Luciana and Blaire bundles are now available in Costco stores! After putting a request for photos out, AGDN reader Sarah came through with not only photos of the Girl of the Year bundles, but pictures of the new WellieWishers ones too!

What is the cheapest American Girl doll?

In the past, we’ve found American Girl Doll & Accessory Sets at Costco for $119.99 (reg. $131.99), and a WellieWishers Doll & Accessory Set (reg. $125) for as low as $79.99.

Does Amazon sell American Girl dolls?

Amazon.com: Dolls & Accessories – American Girl / Dolls & Accessories: Toys & Games.

What is the best age for an American Girl doll?

8These dolls are so cute. The standard American Girl dolls are recommended for ages 8 and up.

Does target sell American Girl dolls?

American Girl : Fashion Dolls : Target.

Why American Girl dolls are so expensive?

American Girl dolls have a long-standing history of quality, great customer service and great secondary market prices. So, if you pay retail for an American Girl and take decent care of her you have an 80% chance of reselling her for as much as you paid for her or more.

What is the most expensive American Girl doll?

1. Molly McIntire. Now that she has been discontinued, Molly dolls can be found online for as low as a few hundred dollars and as high as $1,200. Molly, along with an extensive collection of clothes and accessories can be found for an asking bid of $1,124.99.

Does Walmart sell our generation dolls?

Our Generation Thoroughbred Horse For 18″ Dolls – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

How much are the American Girl dolls at Costco?

Just $119.99! These sets include an American Girl doll with two complete outfits, her animal, plus accessories that go with her personality. These also include an American Girl book all about the doll!

What is Walmart’s version of American Girl dolls?

My Life As 18″ OPP Doll: Doll has fabulous, fun hair to play with and style. Fits most 18″ scale accessories and clothing. Surface washable. Exclusive to Walmart.

Which is the best American Girl doll?

Behold: The Best American Girl Dolls, Ranked of 16. Maryellen. … of 16. Kirsten. … of 16. Samantha. … of 16. Caroline. … of 16. Rebecca. … of 16. Nanea. … of 16. Marie-Grace & Cécile. … of 16. Felicity.More items…•