Quick Answer: Who Is Mr Antolini Holden?

What exactly did Holden awake to find Mr Antolini doing?

At first, Mr.

Antolini seems to offer Holden his only chance of making a sympathetic connection with an adult.

When Holden wakes to find Mr.

Antolini stroking his head, he snaps..

Is Mr Antolini making a pass at Holden?

Antolini is not making a pass at him. For one thing, Holden has consistently proven himself an unreliable judge of character.

Is Mr Antolini a phony?

Mr. … Antolini is the adult who comes closest to reaching Holden. He manages to avoid alienating Holden, and being labeled a “phony,” because he doesn’t behave conventionally.

Why is Holden still a virgin?

In contrast, Holden later claims that he’s still a virgin because he always stops at “No,” so what sets him apart from Stradlater and Co. is his refusal to commit what today we’d classify as sexual assault.

How does Holden lose innocence?

Holden creates a strong image when he loses stuff and doesn’t care to much looking for it. He feels this way because he lost his innocence when his younger brother dies and this reinforces the image that one tends to detach from society when they loose their innocence.

Why did Holden cry in Chapter 23?

Holden is crying when he leaves his home at the end of chapter 23 because he has been crying internally since the beginning of the novel. … Holden is obviously looking for something throughout the entire book. He is unhappy because he feels lonely and because he has a bad opinion of himself.

Who is Mr Antolini Why does Holden like him?

One of the more controversial characters in the novel, Mr. Antolini was Holden’s favorite teacher at Elkton Hills. Holden admires and respects him because Antolini is not only intellectual and perceptive, but he has a heart.

What advice does Mr Antolini give Holden in Chapter 24?

You’re in love with knowledge.” It is ironic that Antolini tells him: “. . . you’re not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior.” Holden observes that the older man is drinking heavily throughout their conversation.

Does Holden Caulfield lose his virginity?

Holden Caulfield does not lose his virginity during the course of The Catcher in the Rye, though he makes some half-hearted attempts to do so.

Why did Holden flunk oral expression?

Mr. Antolini wants to know all about Holden’s classes. He says he passed English, but flunked Oral Expression because you were supposed to avoid digressions and Holden, if you hadn’t noticed by now, is quite the fan of a good digression. He feels like that’s when people tell you the really good stuff—by accident.

Why does Holden regret visiting Mr Spencer?

He regrets visiting Mr. Spencer because he hated being pointed at for example when Mr. Spencer read his paper in front of Holden. Also how he was in his bathrobe with his grippe and bumpy chest.

Why does Holden see Mr Antolini?

For, Holden fears adulthood, and he wishes to “catch” and hold the children in their young state; likewise, he hopes Mr. Antolini can “catch” him as he spirals downward in his own fears of adulthood.

What does Mr Antolini call Holden?

Antolini calls Holden “handsome” before heading off to bed—“forgetting,” by the way, to give Holden pajamas, which means that he has to sleep in his underwear, and also making a comment about his “long legs” after quizzing him about girls—and then sits next to him in the dark (while Holden’s sleeping), and pets his …

How does Mr Antolini upset and scare Holden?

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden? Can you relate his to Holden’s previous digression about “flits”? During his sleep, Holden felt something on his head, which caused him to wake up all of a sudden. … Antolini’s “admiration” and proceeded to gather his belongings and leave Mr.

Why did Holden leave Mr Antolini’s house?

Holden goes to the Antolini’s because he basically has nowhere to go. He has gone home to talk to Phoebe and left and lacks the money to continue to stay at the hotel, etc. Mr. Antolini was a favorite teacher of his so he decides to look him up and takes a cab to his house.