What Is GunBroker Pay Wallet?

Can I use a debit card on GunBroker?

No, GunBroker.com does not accept debit & prepaid cards.

We researched this on Jan 23, 2019.

Check GunBroker.com’s website to see if they have updated their debit & prepaid cards policy since then.

You can use GunBroker.com coupons to unlock discounts at their website..

How do I accept credit card payments?

3 Ways to Accept Credit Card PaymentsOpen a merchant account. A merchant account is a bank account with a merchant acquiring bank that businesses use in order to accept credit card and other electronic payments. … Use a payment service provider. … Use an e-commerce platform. … Which payment method is the right choice?

What happens if you don’t pay GunBroker?

GunBroker.com has a process to assist with Non-Paying Bidders (NPBs) which allows sellers to submit a NPB Credit Request and receive credit for the listing.

GunBroker.com facilitates the legal exchange of firearms and accessories between adults. It is legal to buy and sell firearms in the US, provided you adhere to federal, state and local laws.

Can you remove a bid on GunBroker?

A bid or purchase on GunBroker.com is considered a binding agreement/contract; therefore, it cannot be retracted or canceled unless there are exceptional circumstances. All bidding is a binding obligation to complete a transaction. You should not place a bid if you are not able to complete the transaction.

What does SHOT mean on GunBroker?

The GunBroker.com “Take a Shot” system allows you to offer to purchase a fixed price item at an amount you think the item is worth. The seller can then choose to accept or decline your offer. When you Take a Shot, make it a good one because there are no counter offers within the system.

Do you pay taxes on GunBroker?

Beginning January 1, 2020, GunBroker.com will be collecting and remitting sales tax on all sales by all sellers who sell items into certain states.

Does GunBroker have a phone number?

We do not currently offer telephone support. Please email us at support@gunbroker.com or submit your question from the help page.

Is GunBroker pay legit?

BitRail transactions are designed to be secure, as well as legal and fully compliant with federal and state laws in the states supported by GunBroker Pay, which are increasing all the time.

How long do I have to pay on GunBroker?

GunBroker.com recommends the seller and buyer make contact within 5 days, buyer makes payment within 10 days from the time the listing ended, and the seller ships the item within 14 days from the time payment is received.

What is BitRail?

BitRail is a compliant payments infrastructure that enables Brands and Merchants to operate and issue regulatory compliant branded currency for payment within their own retail platform, ecommerce store or marketplace.

Can you get scammed on GunBroker?

The vast majority of new sellers are legitimate, but occasionally a new seller will attempt to fraudulently sell an item on our site. If you suspect fraud, you should submit a Support Issue in the Help Center. We investigate all complaints about potential fraud, and we shut down fraudulent auctions.